In our previous article where we talked about whether you knew that ticks are arachnids. We touch on topics such as the diseases they can transmit, up to how many eggs a female can lay.
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Now it is necessary to know how long ticks live without a host, but before knowing this it is important to note that to calculate how long they can live without a host, their life cycle must be reviewed, because each cycle has its own resistance. The larvae can withstand a period of 8 months without receiving any type of food, while the nymphs and adults can withstand a period of approximately 1 year and a half without the need to be in a host.

In total, if we made a sum of all the years that a tick can survive in all its life phases, it can reach 4 years without any type of food.

How can we control ticks?

As we know, much of the life of the tick takes place in the environment and they can last for months or years without feeding. This can make it difficult to control and completely eliminate this uncomfortable and dangerous arachnid for us and our pets.

how long do ticks live without host

In the market you may get a variety of products and action that can prevent the tick from biting your dog or cat, but many of these products can be toxic with a large amount of chemicals that can also harm your pet and your family, without a doubt you need something safe and that helps you eliminate and anticipate the health of your dog.

For this reason catandogs thinking about the well-being of your family and your pet, has designed a medal that with its electromagnetic waves immediately repels this type of plague, it is safe, it is not toxic, it does not have chemicals and it lasts approximately About two years old, it is very easy to use, you just have to place it on your dog or cat’s neck and it will be protected.

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