CatanDog’s® has been proved scientifically. All began as an University Project but has been documented, tested and proved how the scalar waves and the non-harmful biomagnetic field helps repeal the ticks and fleas and provides your cat and dog a better feeling.

Below you can find the documents we can provide so everybody can read them.

Document Name Type Size Download Link
The Insecticide Evaluation of Catandog’s, on the “European brown tick” in dogs (Rhipicephalus Sanguineus), in natural conditions.  PDF 203 Kb Download Here!
Antiparasitic Products. Studies for Dogs and Cats.  PDF 115 Kb Download Here!
Identification of animals chip in the presence of Catandog’s antiparasitic plate.  PDF 48 Kb Download Here!
Verification about the interference of the entitled “Catandog’s Plate” in Reading of identification microchips used in domestic animals.  PDF 36 Kb Download Here!

Catandog’s Certifications

CatanDog’s is “TOTALLY” effective for the cats and the dogs

Catandog’s has the following certifications:

Certification Country Number
EPA Establishment number USA EPA: 74920-ESP-001
PHARMA CENTRAL I.D. Germany (Europe) PZN: #0547135
PHARMA CENTRAL I.D. Austria (Europe) PZN: #2217270