CatanDog’s plate works without incorporating any battery

How it works?

CatanDog’s plate works without incorporating any battery, as it’s not neccessary, the POWER supply is the “earthly magnetic field” and the animal motion in it, cutting in such a way the flow lines, and, thanks to “Lenz Law” producing “Foucault” currents of extremely small power but enough to activate the CatanDog’s disc, that acts as a passive resonator.

“CatanDog’s plate produces (or) generates electromagnetic and scale waves”
by: Professor Jóse Luis Arrans Gil.

The CatanDog’s Tag is manufactured out of jewerlery grade Zamak and charged with electromagnetic scalar waves. Due to the permanent contact of the Tag with the pet, and the movement of the pet, a bio-resonant field is formed and repels all flying parasites, including those which cause pets danger from disease and discomfort. You simply attach the CatanDog’s Tag to the collar of the pet, which it will not notice due to the Tag’s size and weight. You then have to wait between 7-21 days, depending on the pet`s size & weight, for the electromagnetic field to become activated and the protection to become fully effective

man walking his dog while wearing antiparasitic medal

Easy to use, only attach the tag to a clean pet

The CatanDog’s medal does not contain any chemicals

The CatanDog’s medal does not contain any chemicals, its main function is to repeal and not kill the parasite, this main function is to protect you pet repelling parasites and avoiding them to attach to the pet. It is important that your pet is completely clean of ticks and fleas. It usually takes between 7-21 days (depending on the pet’s weight & size) for the pet’s body to “tune in” to the frequency from the CatanDog’s Tag. The best way to ensure the most complete preparation is to attach the Tag at the same time as the “last” treatment with a generic treatment. A bath with an anti-parasite shampoo could also assist in removing all parasites to which the pet may be host and this will not affect on the effect of the medal.


For your pets

No matter the age, size of weight of your pet don’t interfere with their micro-chip. Is chemical free making easy to interact without worrying about any collateral effect.

dog using catandogs medal looking at his owner


This medal of only 2.5 cms in diameter and less than 125 grams is created for external use, being water resistent, including salt water.

girl taking a picture with her dog that used catandogs


Good value for money compared to generic chemical treatments. Scientifically proven its 95% effectiveness for up to 2 years.