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Catandog’s medal

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Effective for dogs and cats of any age, weight, size and type. Eco-friendly, no chemical, no smell, no toxic and no worries.

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CatanDog’s® is a unique concept that will keep fleas and ticks away from your dog and cat for up two years.

  • Eco and pets friendly tick and fleas repellent
  • Effective for dogs and cats of any age, weight and size
  • Effective for sick, convalescent and pregnant dogs and cats
  • 100% safe for humans to touch the CatanDog’s medal and pets.
  • Completely safe with no side effects
  • Keep your children playing with your pets
  • Contains no chemical elements, non-toxic and odor free

Inside the CatanDog’s Product

When you buy a CatanDog’s Medal, you will receive the following

  • A printed box with all the essential information from the product
  • An english leaflet with all the information related to the medal, how to use it and relevant details on ticks and fleas.
  • A CatanDog’s Medal with a keyring to make it easier to attach to your dog.

We could ship two medals, each of them in its own holder but inside the same box.

man walking his dog while wearing antiparasitic medal

CatanDog’s® is a revolutionary bio-tech flea and tick repellent that keeps your pets free of parasites

CatanDog’s® anti parasite tags are charged with special electromagnetic scalar waves and due to the permanent physical contact with your pet, a bio-resonance field is formed helping to repel fleas ticks & other parasites.

It benefits the blood circulation becoming stronger and having a direct effect in the pet feeling stronger, happier and more immune against the environmental causes of sickness. Your cat and dog will simply feel better and healthy the natural way!

Do you need more tags for your pets?

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Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 cm

6 reviews for Catandog’s medal

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    Sylvia and Sparky (verified owner)

    How are so excited about this product. No ticks or other parasite anymore.
    Thanks for the great badge.

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    Lidia (verified owner)

    Hi, i bought the medal CatanDog´s for MY Pets (2 cats and 1 Golden), unbeleavable no ticks and fleas anymore, just perfect! Thanks Alot!

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    Briggitte E. (verified owner)

    I love my cat, I buy only the best for my pet. Here I did it again 😁!

  4. 5

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    Walter Wurnig

    Hello, i bought 4 Catandogs for my 3 Cats and my Golden, it works so well, no feas and ticks, also my Pets are more relaxed, just Wonderful! Thanks alot! Toni

  5. Callie Kennedy

    I have mentioned your tag many many times!! I have sung your praises as much as I can. I am truly thankful. It has made a marvelous difference for us!

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    Rochelle (verified owner)

    I have been using this on Gracie for the past 2 years and she is completely flea and tick free! Would never dream of putting dangerous chemicals either on her or in her! I would highly recommend this product:)

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Catandog’s medal

Catandog’s medal


(6 Previews)

(6 customer reviews )