Removing the ticks from our dogs or cats can often be something complex and complicated, if you do not pull out the tick with determination, the head may remain inside the animal causing an infection and a series of very harmful diseases for the animal, we recommend that you explore very well your pet and then proceed to eliminate them one by one, once you remove it you must kill it immediately because otherwise it will return to your dog or cat.

What you can do to remove them is to find a clamp and place it close to the animal’s skin, once you have taken it, pull it firmly so that you can remove the entire tick, it can be a rather disgusting job, but it is necessary to do it. It is important that after you remove the tick, you clean the wound that was left with soap and water.

But not everything ends here, it is recommended that once you have removed all the ticks and heal their wounds, you begin to use an antiparasitic method so that your pet does not have this plague in his body that are so annoying and harmful for them.

Where can you look for ticks on your dog?

Look in and around the ears, around the eyelids, under the collar, behind the front and rear legs, between the toes and around the tail, these are generally places where they tend to be and bite your pet.

ticks on dog

How can the catandogs medal help you prevent ticks and fleas?

The cantandogs medal produces electromagnetic waves that are caused by the energy that the dog or cat transmits to the medal, this means that no type of battery or charge is necessary for the medal to work.

The medal is made with a material called zamak in jewelry and is loaded with scalar electromagnetic waves, as your animal is in constant movement, a bio-resonance field will be created, repelling all types of fleas, ticks and pests that may come near you mascot.