Ticks are the most hated visitors by dog and cat owners, because they cause different diseases such as (Babesiosis, Hepatozoonosis, Erlichiosis, etc.) and in humans (Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Fever), for this reason We must be very careful with our animals and have a hygiene routine.

But in addition to knowing this information, it is important that you know that there are more than 900 species, the most common or known to us are the brown dog tick and that, as we already mentioned, they can also bite humans.

We think ticks are insects, but they actually belong to arachnids like spiders. The tick has 4 legs and has a life cycle that is divided into 4 phases: eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults. They can measure between 3 and 8 mm although females can reach 1 cm.

All ticks feed on blood, covering their needs mainly from animals such as mammals, but they can also feed on cold-blooded animals such as amphibians or reptiles, although it is rare. Females have the ability to lay approximately 4,000 to 7,000 eggs, triggering a large infestation. The eggs are usually deposited in crevices and places close to where our pets rest.

are ticks arachnids

If you detect that your dog or cat has a tick, you should do something immediately, to prevent your house from also filling with these arachnids. Although it is very likely that once you give your pet a treatment, you should also clean your house in case there are any eggs around you will also end up with them.

In general, tick species are associated with being a host, in order to feed they need to introduce their mouthparts into the skin of the host. To prevent these arachnids from living in our pets, they can use the catandogs medal, which with their electromagnetic waves drive away these undesirable visitors that can cause great damage to our dogs or cats.

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